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    Turkey Run Hostas Memberships:
    • American Hosta Society (AHS)
    • American Hosta Growers Association (AHGA)
    • Midwest Region Hosta Society (MRHS)
    • Shades of Green Hosta Society (SOGHS) of Southeastern MN
    • Minnesota Hosta Society
    • Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association (MNLA)
    • Minnesota State Horticulture Society (MHS)
    • Rochester Garden and Flower Club (RG&FC)
    How Turkey Run Hostas got it's name:
    There are plenty of turkeys located in the woods around Turkey Run Gardens, especially in the fall, winter, and spring. We have counted more than 50 turkeys in our front yard during a warm, sunny, winter day. They roost in our trees, scratch in our gardens, and steal seeds from our bird feeders.

    They remind us of of "buzzards", not only by their appearance, but with their eating habits as well. They certainly are odd neighbors roaming the woods and our gardens.
    Turkey Run Hostas is a MN Certified Nursery:
    MN Certified Nursery Stock Dealer #20124298 (inspected annually)
    Northern Gardener Magazine Article:
    The Northern Gardener Magazine article on Turkey Run Hostas in the May/June 2013 edition is now online.
    Click here to view or print the .pdf version of the four page article on Woodland Garden.
    Strutting Turkey
    TRH Yes, Turkey Run Hostas does have wild turkeys roaming our gardens. This tom turkey is doing his daily strut on our garage approach...20 feet from our window. Quite a sight!

    Many of our customers have reported seeing turkeys while driving near Turkey Run Hostas.

    And it's not unusual to hear turkey's "gobble" while roaming through our garden.

    • Photo of some of the turkeys roosting in a tree in our backyard. Turkey Run Hostas

    • Photo of some of the turkeys wandering through our front yard. Turkey Run Hostas

    • Photo of some of the turkeys in the spring strutting their stuff. Turkey Run Hostas